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CNT Development Inc brakes & Shoes
CNT Development Inc brakes & Shoes
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About CNT Development Inc.
In CNT Development Inc. our passion for friction and braking technology. Our Head Office is located in Richmond Hill Ontario.

CNT Development is one of the largest manufacturer of brake technology in the world.
50 years of experience in this industry makes us one of the premieres in implementing new innovations in this important part of any moving vehicles.

CNT Development is proud to be one of the biggest suppliers of the following major car manufacturer companies:

Today, CNT Development is a global supplier of disc pads and brake shoes with nearly 500 employees, started more than 40 years ago. Our clients also include OEMs, retailers, warehouse distributors, exporters and other brake manufacturers.

Our R&D facility are passionate about developing the industry’s most innovative, highest performance brake pads and shoes. We work around the clock to make brake pads and shoes Better, Safer and even More Reliable as it is today.

Whether you’re driving on the street, highway or track, brake pads are the most important safety feature on your vehicle. When you press the brake pedal, the brake pads should stop the vehicle - period. We’ve built our business around this proposition and it’s made all the difference.

Our Products


Since 1969 CNT Development has been developing the industry’s safest, highest performing brake pads and shoes, all of them has been tested in North America (Canada & USA). No matter the vehicle is, the CNT pads and shoes will deliver exceptional stopping power and value over a long service life.


City driving is always Stop and go, 2 lane roads with hidden hazards, cars cutting highway lanes, slippery roads caused by rain and snow and much more. Whatever the road conditions is, when your car has to stop, you need the brake pads to be reliable.

As we all know today's brakes technology came up with ABS system which place a high pressure on brake pads and your tires, your car reliable brake pads are the only part of the system which helps you avoid any accidents, so do not risk your life with unknown and not safety approved products.

Our brake pads is passed OEM standards because CNT has actually been the OEM pad supplier for a wide range of makes and models for more than half a century.

Research & Development

In CNT Development we constantly work on the new ideas and using the latest technology to innovate the better and safer braking system for any type of vehicles.

We’ve been advancing the brake technology and friction science since the beginning, it's been more than 40 years that we supply brake parts to major car companies. Our R&D Department is working around the clock to find the latest innovations in materials can be used in braking system and improve the science behind it to make it even more safer and reliable for our customers. Four decades of working with the world’s leading automotive companies, helped us to dominate the research and development in brake industry and patent more than 12 unique products.

We are spending million of dollars each year on R&D to be able to stay at the top of the competitions. Hiring the most educated and experienced scientists helps us to improve our products everyday. We are proud to announce that our products are built of the most advanced brake compounds and designed for the best performance on any vehicles.

Our in-house cutting edge testing facilities helps us to simulate the worst condition can happens to stop any type of cars, we always try to achive not the 90% success but to make sure we can handle any situation 110%.


We bring ideas to life. That is both our goal, and our vision.


A simple change on a Design can make the system 100 times safer.


Breaks are the most important part of the car, Design has to be accurate.


Working with major car companies for more than 4 decades is the proof of our customer satisfaction.

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